Enhance Your Let It Ride Strategy with Our Expert Tips

Boost your chances of winning at Let It Ride by applying our valuable tips. Our tips are suitable for both novice and experienced players, and they are straightforward to implement.

To play Let It Ride online like a pro, follow our top five tips:

  • Practice with Free Let It Ride

    After learning how to play Let It Ride, it’s time to put everything you’ve learnt to the test. Playing for real cash straight away can be very costly, so we would encourage you to try our free online Let It Ride game first. No download or registration is required, and you won’t lose anything if you make the wrong play.

  • Take Your Time

    Pace of play likely isn’t something you think about very often. However, Let It Ride poker is played at a much faster pace than many other casino games. With an average of 52 hands per hour compared to just 34 for Pai Gow Poker, this highlights the importance of taking your time when you play Let It Ride online.

  • Don’t Place Side Bets

    Land-based and online casinos rub their hands when players take side bets playing Let It Ride. A house edge of 7.09% is typical when you take the 3 Card Bonus side bet. Think that is bad? It gets even worse if you place the 5 Card Bonus side bet. At best, you should expect a house edge of 13.77% with this bet.

  • Know When to Let It Ride

    As we touched on in our Let It Ride strategy section, knowing which hands to let ride is crucial. With only two community cards to help you make a strong five-card hand, you don’t have any room to maneuver. If you make the correct calls and stick to basic strategy, you can reduce the house edge to just 3.51%.

  • Get Started with a Generous Bonus

    The best online casinos treat new players to generous bonuses. By claiming a table games bonus when you register, you can give your bankroll a healthy boost. This means that you will have more money to play Let It Ride online. In turn, this means your money will last longer and you get to play more hands.

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