Asia GamingUnveiling the Enigma: Asia Gaming’s Journey from Online Slots to Dominating the Live Casino Scene in Asia since 2012.

Global Recognition: Asia Gaming’s Live Casino Games Capture the Attention of Players Worldwide and Secure Key Partnerships with International Providers.

However, for one reason or another, this was followed by an extensive quiet period with less and less news coming out. Finally, in 2022 their website went out of action.

Software and Games

The company concentrates on live casino games, which obviously also means that they had to build a platform of Asia Gamingtheir own. This was originally aimed at the Asian markets, with the company operating with a licence from the Philippines. The selection of games included popular table games like baccarat, blackjack and roulette, but also regional live games like Sic Bo, Bull Bull, Dragon Tiger, and Win Three Cards.

As said, the platform was later expanded to cover tables from land-based casinos. The video feed is of high quality, and the interface is highly customisable. This also includes support for a variety of currencies and languages. Mobile support has been part of the experience since the beginning. Some of the games come with customisable rules, and other innovative setups that you won’t necessarily find at other live casino providers.

What about the slots?

Though the company doesn’t seem to produce online slots by themselves, they do offer some unique solutions from partnered companies. These include other Asian slot providers, ones that don’t really seem to have a presence in the worldwide markets through any other means. These include the likes of XIN Gaming. However, the company also offers platform services, which means they help online casinos link up with other software providers. This is why you’re likely to run into thousands of slots at any online casino that offers Asia Gaming live casino tables.

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At the moment it’s hard to say what is going on with this company. We always liked their live casino games, and the interface and software offered all the support necessary. However, in the last few years it seems like their flame has been dwindling, and as said their home page has finally gone out of service in 2022. The live tables seem to still be available, but for how long?

Should there be a change in the situation we’ll update this review. In the meantime, check out our suggested list of Asia Gaming online casinos!