When delving into the world of online bingo, you’ll soon realize that there is a plethora of options to choose from. Each game comes with its own set of rules, bingo boards, and unique gameplay features. The differences lie in the numbers on the ticket and the total amount of numbers that can be drawn.

Now, let’s explore some of the most popular variations of bingo games available.

75-Ball Bingo

One of the most prevalent variations, especially in North America, is 75-ball bingo. There are five horizontal lines and five columns on these bingo tickets. The word BINGO appears at the top of the ticket, with a column under each letter.

Let’s describe each column:

Column B: Houses numbers 1 to 15

Column I: Encompasses numbers 16 to 30

Column N: Features numbers from 31 to 45, with a central blank space, turning it into a column of only four numbers

Column G: Contains numbers between 46 and 60

Column O: Accommodates numbers 61 to 75

75-ball bingo has multiple ways to win, including winning lines and winning patterns:

  1. Coverall game: The players try to cover all 24 numbers on each card.
  2. Cover a line: You win if you cover a line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

90-Ball Bingo

Particularly popular in the UK, 90-ball bingo offers a unique format that’s favored by many. The game features a mix of numbers and blank spaces on tickets with a 3×9 grid. Each row has five numbers interspersed with four blank spots.

Ways to Win 90-Ball Bingo

  1. 1-line bingo: A win is secured by covering an entire horizontal line on a ticket.
  2. 2-line bingo: Players aim to complete two out of the three available rows on a single ticket.
  3. Full house: A full house requires players to cross off all numbers on their tickets. This category often carries substantial jackpots or grand prizes.
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80-Ball Bingo

A more recent addition to the bingo lineup, 80-ball bingo is played on a 4×4 grid card featuring 16 numbers. Each column is distinguished by a unique color, adding an eye-catching element to the game.

Winning Combinations of 80-Ball Bingo

  1. Single line wins: This could be a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line completion.
  2. Four corners: Achieved by covering the numbers positioned at each corner of the card.
  3. Full house: The most coveted win, requiring a player to cover every number on their card.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Inspired by the renowned TV show, Deal or No Deal bingo adds a twist to classic bingo. Available in both 75- and 90-ball versions, the game captures the suspense and strategy of its television counterpart.

You start by choosing a lucky box. Then, you match the slot reel numbers to eliminate boxes on a 5×5 grid. Lining up five boxes in any direction earns you a slingo, and you progress on the Prize Boost Ladder.

More Winning Opportunities in Deal or No Deal Bingo

After securing a win in the game, you’re presented with a tough choice—accept the banker’s offer or wait for a potentially bigger prize.

  1. Deal – Accept the banker’s offer
  2. No deal – Open your initial box to see the prize
  3. Spin – Continue the game

Persistent players get new offers after each spin. A full house can multiply your box’s value by 20.

Bingo-Themed Slots

Slingo is a refreshing blend of bingo and slot machines. In a typical slingo slots game, you’ll encounter a 5×5 grid featuring 25 numbers drawn from the traditional 75-ball bingo. Each game offers between 10 and 20 spins, and your objective is clear—cross off as many numbers on your grid as possible.

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The beauty of slingo bingo lies in its versatility. Whether you choose to play at bingo sites with slots online or at land-based casinos, its catchy gameplay makes it an ideal choice for both slots and bingo fanatics.

Here are some essential slingo symbols you should be aware of when playing slingo: